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Facilitation. You have a problem, a team to solve it, but something is missing. The sparkle in a design process. Perhaps you lack crucial technical knowledge. Or you need an team role to be filled. Time to look for someone who habitually fills in the gaps. Time to look for a facilitator!

Theatre. Is there any difference between stage performance on one hand and teaching, consultancy, or teamwork on the other hand? There is a lot of overlap... A bit of humour helps to loosen up minds that are blocked. An unexpected turn provokes creative solutions. Liveliness fires up anyone about to fall asleep. And of course, joy in a task is the best thinkable motivation! Should you try to add a twitch of theatre to your design team?

Experience. Rick has been teaching object analysis and design to major companies. He has been guiding university students through unique projects. And, he has a background in theatre, including performing in improvisational theatre. In short, a thorough background for a facilitator.