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No classroom teaching! Rick avoids the classical form of classroom teaching as much as possible. Any teaching material that may come accross is setup in small modules, that will be taught when the need arises. But generally, a session is shapen as a workshop.

Modular lessons. Upon entering, every client receives a reader -- empty. All theory is structured in separate modules, and when one is explained there will be a handout accommodating it. That is, when such material exists -- something unforeseen may pop up!

Audience. The normal audience for Rick's workshops are technical people in computer science, including technical managers. If you feel uncomfortable with technical discussions, you should contact Rick before engaging in a workshop, to ensure that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

When Rick comes to you. These workshops can be held anywhere. A flat rate is charged, independent of the group size. Group sizes of 2 up to 5 or 6, not counting Rick, are pleasant for a workshop. Less people means too few different opinions (=opportunity to learn) and more people usually means cluttering the discussion or even suggesting a classroom-situation.